Latest Toys

“Toy a day keeps boredom away.”                                                        

Have a look at the glimpses of the various toys we made 🙂                 

Coin Picker

Mechanical Man, Man spins, moves hand up and down and tries to pick the coin. Coin however tries to evade the man’s hand. All three actions are powered by a single shaft.
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Magical Table

Magical Table. Converts to Square table when extra person arrives. Theoretically we can convert any table to any table. Proved by Erik Demaine (never went to school) youngest professor of Math in 2007
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Sine Wave Car

BASIC TRIGONOMETRY IN A CAR!!! This special car draws a sine wave as it moves! On y-axis, we have the sinθ component of the circle as shown in the upper figure, and on x-axis we have the movement of …
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Stack it Up

Stack it Up, Four Cubes, with four colors. Goal is to arrange them in so tat no two colors are stacked vertically. Appears trivial ? Pl try.
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Straight Line Motion

Rotate the handle and pen draws a straight line. Beautiful mechanism. Smaller pulley is half the bigger. Based on Hypocycloid or on.
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The slit spins with toy motor and with this device one can see writing on a ceiling fan. When the spin of the motor matches, it seems the fan has stopped. Stroboscope.
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Szilassi Polyhedra

Only polyhedraother than tetrahedron where each face touches all other faces. This one has 7 hexagonal faces. Each faces all the other 6.
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Tangram is one of the most popular dissection puzzle in the world. A dissection puzzle is transformation/tiling puzzle where you take a set of given pieces and assemble in different ways to produce di…
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