Setup of communities/in-school tinkering spaces

Tinkering space allows teachers and children to have access teaching-learning aids and other forms of material which can help them in strengthening their pedagogical practices. It will allow both pre-service as well as in-service teachers to design their own learning aids from locally available materials rather than buying prefabricated kits from the market.


  • To expose children to multidisciplinary curriculum content using Hands-on Minds-on approach

  • To excite children in STEM subjects so they get motivated to pursue their careers in this space

  • To create innovation workspace where students give shape to their ideas and create prototypes

  • To act as a platform for engaging professors and engineering students with the local schools

Two of our resource person will visit the place and spend 4 days with the core team ( ideal size 5-8 members) to set up space. The beauty of this space will be a sense of empowerment since everything will be made using local materials and tools. This will also overcome the fear from the mind of the children and teachers to play with the exhibit because he/she know that if it gets broken, it can be repaired locally and at an affordable cost. This, in turn, will invite one to tinker and the real process of learning starts! 

Space is broadly divided into the following sections:

Tinkering Area

We also need a area ( carpet on floor with mini tables) where children in small group (10-15)/individually can sit together and do whatever they like. They can read a book or do art or study about the exhibits or record their reflection etc. This area is especially meant for children and handtools, books, art and craft resources supplement the overall experience which they gets.  

Exhibits Exploration

This area is the space where the finished models will be kept. Children can roam freely in this area tinkering with the models and exhibits.

Prototyping area

This is the area which where the staff members work. All the power tools and materials will be kept here. Work-in-progress projects will also be kept here. On one side, we can also have section for completed projects which are delicate and requires facilitator help to explain.

Let's hear from our tinkering spaces!

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