Let’s fly together!

#ProjectSpark #AMC #CLI #IITGn Can you make a A4 size sheet paper to travel 40 feet ? Yes, the children of AMC had wonderful time making several different types of paper planes and then testing it to see which one travel the farthest! You can have a look the glimpses […]

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Magic Maths!

#ProjectSpark #AMC 100 children from the schools Shahapur 1,4,15 and Asrawa 4 visited IITGn today. The children has wonderful time discovering the mechanism behind the working of cycle which moves forward when one paddles backwards,on how to make beautiful mathematical structures with cube blocks,and working and making of a DC Motor. The […]

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Printing a concrete !

#ProjectSpark IIT Gandhinagar Today 75 children from AMC Schools (Amaraivadi School No 1,5,11 ) visited IITGn . The session kick-started with design thinking session where participants got the challenge to design a purse for their fellow partners. This exercise helped children to appreciate the importance of empathizing with the end user […]

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Happy Children’s Day!

#ProjectSpark What is more joyous and fulfilling than to celebrate Children’s Day with 700+ children from 4 AMC schools (Saraspur Gujarat School No 3,7,13,6) and share the joy of making? The entire space was full of excitement when we shared various low-cost toys which can be used to learn science […]

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