What is Project Spark?

CLI,IITGn has collaborated with AMC( Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation) to make middle school ( Classes 6-8) science and math hands-on ,conceptual and joyous. The project Spark is meant to ignite the curiosity of children by exposing them to a plethora of low cost science and mathematics toys and activities which can be made using everyday materials and inspire them in STEM.

The program has four components

Facilitators from IITGn visiting AMC schools every TFFuesday and Thursday

  • Children from AMC schools visiting IITGn every Wednesday in batch 100

  • Mentoring the school teachers to form science club

  • Organizing a grand makerfest on 28th Feb 2018

How you can be involved in this initiative?

Facilitate Wed sessions

If you have something to share with children, it will be awesome if you could facilitate the Wednesday Session. Generally we have the session at Block 2/202 | Time: 9am to 11:30 am , do drop by in-case if you just want to observe 

Mentor School Science Club

We need to form a core team who will be working with small group of teachers and students and help them with the process of formation and smooth running of the club. This would involve occasional visit to schools and majorly tele mentoring.

Organize Makerfest on 28 Feb 2018

Be part of core team to organize the makerfest. We are planning to organize an exhibition for the children on 28th Feb 2018( Science Day) at IITGn and we need a team to anchor this event.

If you are unsure about the above three but still want to get involved in this project in other meaningful ways, feel free to reach out to us -

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