Inservice Course for Kendriya Vidyalaya (KV) Teachers

We had earlier conducted 2-3 day workshops in ZIET’s and based on the recommendation and feedback from the participants that the workshops should be longer and as part of in service course we requested KVS to hold the summer session at IIT Gandhinagar.

These in service courses held during summer of 2018 were unique in their approach with a focus on experiential learning and conceptual understanding. . Overall we hosted about 150 teachers for 14 days. Total 2100 teacher days. The outcomes far exceeded the expectations of both participants and all of us at Centre for Creative Learning at IIT Gandhinagar.
We wanted to create a unique program for our teachers where the goal would be
  • Deep focus on basic conceptual understanding
  • Exploratory activities which could be easily integrated with the curriculum
  • Contextual relevance (teachers/children can relate to the activities)
  • Making classrooms engaging and Learning Joyous
  • Build interesting, meaningful Models
    • Mechanical Arm, Sine Curve Drawing Car, Levitating Pens,…
And it was really heartening that we could achieve our goals on all these accounts.
Whether it was dissecting a potato to prove the volume of a pyramid is 1/3 of cube or making a sprinkler/atomizer to explore pressure and centrifugal force or learning binary sort with a game on the floor, it was the nature of the engaging activities and attitude of the facilitators which kept participants completely engrossed for all 48, one and a half hr sessions. This itself was an achievement where participants lost track of time despite a grueling schedule.
The experience was also ageless. Whether it was Sandeep Kumar (KV Port Blair) (Please click here to read his feedback) who had just joined the Sangathan or Mrs Chaudhary (KV Vadodara) who was going to retire in a couple of years, everybody was excited to be a part of this unique in-service course. The excitement was so palpable the participants actually spent 45 minutes penning their feedback of the workshop.
During the course of 12 days, we were able to:
  • excite our teachers about the curriculum (they promised to incorporate their learning in the classes),
  • reduce their fears of trying innovative techniques in classrooms (Computer Science teachers have to start teaching new language)
  • provide a newer perspective of making the subject engaging, ignite the passion among our students
This feedback from a participant summarizes the experience:

This document contains all the reports of the workshop, feedback of the participants and 3 small videos capturing the activities .

Pl do see these short films capturing the content of the workshops.
I have no doubt in my mind that our collaboration and work  in future in service courses and workshops will go a long way in making STEM education conceptual and joyous.
Please do find the reports and films of all courses below.