Online Courses

Online Inservice courses for K.V.S. Teachers 

In these testing times, all the teachers have to grapple with teaching online. But the teachers have acknowledged the need for appropriate training on how to engage students online. With that background, Center for Creative Learning (CCL), IIT Gandhinagar has conducted 12-day inservice courses for various subject teachers of Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan (KVS). Focus of the workshops are on online teaching,  conceptual understanding, critical thinking, making math and science lively and relating to the curriculum. The feedback from the participant teachers has been extremely overwhelming with a unanimous message to take this to all teachers. . Learning outcome of the workshop is that online interaction is extremely effective provided content is very engaging, inspiring. Along with institute faculty, the Center is planning to conduct similar courses for Computer Science teachers and Chemistry teachers in the month of July and August.

  1. Mathematics Teachers (26th May to 6th June, 2020) 
  2. Science Teachers (29th June to 10th July, 2020)

Recording and course materials are available online at (Math course code:thjw2ug and Science course code:k6ab62t)

Fall in Love with Math

With the support from Science International Forum – Kuwait, CCL- IIT Gn conducted an online 5-Days workshop for 250+ students in Kuwait from 21st June – 25th June, 2020. Objective of the course was to let students from garde 8 to 12, get exposure to beauty of mathematics. The workshop session includes recreational activities like: combinatorics with playing cards, geometry with paper, knot-theory with rope, 3D Geometry with dough and broom-sticks e.t.c.

PISA Training Course Modules

Lab has also designed course contents to help teachers for the PISA test to be conducted in 2021. Contents for Mathamtics and Science are available online and accessible. 

  1. Mathematics PISA Training Module


    • 60+ units from 16+ topics available with slide/video 
    • Online Link:  (Join class with code:vscript)
  2. Science PISA Training Module


    • 70+ units from 12+ topics available with manuals/videos
    • Online Link: (Join class with code:vitmvi3)