About Foundation Program IIT Gandhinagar

Indian Institute of Technology Gandhinagar (IITGN) places great emphasis on not only educating successful engineers of the future, but also creating well-rounded personalities, who contribute to society, are respectful of and can adapt to their surroundings, and prove themselves to be great thinkers and problem solvers in all avenues of life. The Institute will be conducting a 5-week Foundation Programme for the first year students joining the Institute.

The idea behind the programme will be to introduce a student, who has been committed to JEE preparation for the past 3-4 years, to a variety of issues and activities. These would range from issues of national and international significance, ethics, sports and physical exercises, community service, sketching, artwork, and many more.

The programme is designed keeping in mind the following objectives:

  • Values and Ethics: Focus on fostering a strong sense of ethical judgment and moral fortitude.
  • Creativity: Provide channels to exhibit and develop individual creativity by expressing themselves through art, craft, music, singing, media, dramatics, and other creative activities.
  • Leadership, Communication and Teamwork: Develop a culture of teamwork and group communication.
  • Social Awareness: Nurture a deeper understanding of the local and global world and our place in at as concerned citizens of the world.
  • Physical Activities & Sports: Engage students in sports and physical activity to ensure healthy physical and mental growth.


Past Workshops!

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IITGN places great emphasis on creating well-rounded personalities, who contribute to society. To give holistic exposure, first-year students undergo a 5-week Foundation Programme. Today children had …