DET Gujarat

Adhering to the concept “you won’t learn it until you do it,” the Center for Creative Learning conducted a two-day workshop for ITI students this summer. The workshop motivated its participants to optimize their potential as the facilitators posed questions for them to mull over. This workshop was encouraged to be perceived as a space to sharpen the saw, simultaneously etching a positive impact on the participants. One of the many ideas shared across sessions include the concept of living a mindful life. A talk by the trailblazer of CCL, Manish Jain, catalyzed participants to think of what they want to be doing at a later stage in life which indeed panned out to be transformational and rewarding towards the culmination of the event. Along with an atmosphere conducive to education one other factor of tantamount importance in the process of effective learning is the undivided attention and interest of the learner. How classrooms can be laboratories to nourish the faculty of wonder for many an innovation and ways to accelerate learning by doing was discussed at length. Interactive sessions carried out by the cohort of CCL induced curiosity and zest for knowledge among participants. Activities such as a simple DC motor, paper math, calendar math and the like, set in a space of an ideal learner-centric classroom were demonstrated alongside discussions on the fundamental concepts in Math and Science as part of the workshop.

In essence, questioning the basic principles and understanding the ‘actual meaning/reason’ behind notions were core to the two-day learning process. Experiential learning was once again proved to be an effective learning technique when one of the teachers who accompanied the participants requested for a similar workshop for facilitators during the session. The workshop wrapped up with a feedback session and a routinely performed graduation ceremony with caps in the air.