Center for Creative Learning, IIT Gandhinagar and SSA, Uttar Pradesh Initiative

Under the Curiosity program, we are delivering 100 science videos and associated materials to every 746 KGBV schools of Uttar Pradesh. Additionally, we host two live workshops each week for 75,000 girls. We receive tens of thousands of messages on our WhatsApp and Telegram group.

Impact of CCL IITGN on KGBV Schools of Uttar Pradesh

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You can access photos and videos of KGBV Program from here

These videos ignite curiosity in the audience and teach science in an engaging manner. 

100 videos are all set to release on our YouTube channel. 

Playlist Link: Here

Uttar Pradesh Workshop

We work extensively with teachers, training them to adopt our pedagogical approach in their classrooms. We recently conducted two workshops with 250 teachers, ARPs and SRGs of UP schools.

Preliminary data from surveys suggests that participants perceive the pedagogical approach, including the toys and activities, to be useful to the learning of their children, and would like to adopt them in their classrooms.

We are continuing to work with the participants through a community group on WhatsApp to understand how best to support them in overcoming any challenges. Everyday teachers continue to share with us their experiences of attempting to conduct the activities in their classrooms.

Within one month of the workshop, we see a 30% adoption rate of at least one activity done by the teachers in their classes. This is an encouraging positive sign and while challenges remain, we believe that if we engage the curiosity and joy of our teachers, they will pass it on to our children. Below is the workshop feedback video.