This workshop aims at implementing project oriented STEM learning in classrooms. The experiential and hands-on workshop will introduce participants to methodologies and techniques for developing interesting creations to encourage STEM learning in the classroom. Participating faculty will have the opportunity to utilize labs to develop independent creations for their classroom use.

Over the course of 5 days, participants from engineering colleges from across the country, attended about 20 unique sessions where their primary purpose was to tinker – to do something first and in the process, understand the why of it. Each session of cutting, slicing, taking apart and fitting together, when led to the final product, left them wanting for more. The joy in their eyes was palpable, the atmosphere full of enthusiasm. 

The workshop kickstarted with a discussion on the need of experiential learning in our current education system and then moved on to actually doing something hands-on when they made robots and geodesic balls.

The days that followed saw the participants partake in sessions ranging from space science to engineering drawing, to environment engineering and binary computing, all the way to electromagnetism and so much more. They worked on all kinds of mechanisms including robotics, geodesics, newtonian physics as well as with a laser machine to create their own designs. Most of these models were made using easily available materials or from the prefabricated MDF sheets laser-cut at IIT Gandhinagar. 

It was very encouraging when participants eagerly asked to take back MDF sheets for all the activities and projects they had worked on. Here’s a glimpse of their time with us.