Creation of Innovative STEM Content

One of our main focus is to design, develop and document hands-on activities/toys/models/exhibits which are exciting and lead to conceptual understanding. We explore each activity in depth, explain the science and concepts behind and also create teacher’s guide/activity booklet so that this can be transacted in class. We document these activities as short films so that every child can have access to interesting education. We also create illustrated books with explanations and further explorations.


Our latest exhibit, Power of X to demonstrate power of exponents (pun intended on power), installed at our campus raising a 2000 piece, 80 inch, 5 Frequency dome without any glue.


Tinkering space allows teachers and children to have access teaching-learning aids and other forms of material which can help them in strengthening their pedagogical practices. It allows both pre-service as well as in-service teachers to design their own learning aids from locally available materials rather than buying prefabricated kits from the market. We have so far setup 4 tinkering spaces at various parts of the country. We have collaborated with Science for Monks and Tata Trust for setup of these spaces. Currently, these spaces are operation in DIET Jamnagar and Tibetan Monasteries in Hunsur, Mundgod, Dharamshala.