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π Day Special | 3.14 | 3030 STEM Season 02 Episode 7

In this session, we will explore how we are surrounded by the number π. Normally, we believe that π is present in the circle. During the session, you will find that it’s also there in the objects (i.e. straight lines, boxes) you have never expected. At the same time, in some of the objects (i.e. circles, cylinders), the number just disappears where you are expecting it the most. Uncover the mystery of number π and explore how it’s related to our life.

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Topics covered: Circle, Pi, pendulum, time period, acceleration due to gravity, area, perimeter, surface tension, cycloid, collision, Ishango Bone, Rhind Papyrus, Archimedes, Archimedes Trammel, Aryabhata, Brahmgupta, Madhava, Kerala School of Mathematics, John Wallis, Euler, infinite series, ENIAC computer, Ramanujan, random number generator

How colliding blocks act like a beam of compute pi 

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