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3030STEM Season 02 Episode 6

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Topics covered: circumference, speed of sound, lever, mechanical advantage, biceps, reaction time, marathon, sprint, fast twitch muscle fiber, slow twitch muscle fiber, moment, torque, center of gravity, badminton, center of pressure, shuttle cock, stability, rocket, Boundary layer, magnus effect, Flettner rotor, 3D shape, truncated icosahedron, bucky ball, pentagon, hexagon, equilateral triangle, ellipse, focal points, reflection, carrom board, supernova, star, momentum, whistle

Frequency of steps in running
Running Science

Clean and Jerk

Spinning tops (Rod Cross)

Dynamics of a spherical tippe top

P T Usha 1984 Olympics

PT Usha: A story of porridge, pickles and an Olympic heartbreak 

Sprinter Vs. Marathon runner

Slow-Twitch and Fast-Twitch Muscle Fibers

Frequency of steps in running

Running Science 

Levers in human body & Weight Lifting

Biomechanics: Lever Systems in the Body 

Forces and Torques in Muscles and Joints 

Clean and Jerk

High Jump

How One Man Changed the High Jump Forever

Rocket stability & Bottle rocket

Bottle rocket PVC launcher

Modern rockets dont have fins

Where are the fins?

Football banana kick, Magnus Effect

Magnus effect 

Magnus effect toys

How to Fold the 'Tube' Paper Airplane



Flettner rotor 

Norsepower rotor sails

Football geometry- truncated icosahedron

Elliptical carrom board

Proving the Reflective Property of an Ellipse 

Lithotripsy - A Medical Application of the Ellipse 

Rocket stability & Bottle rocket

How to Fold the 'Tube' Paper Airplane


 Referee whistle -  Cardboard whistle 

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