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Magic, Mystery, Chemistry of Candle | दिमाग की बत्ती जला दे । 3030 STEM Season 02 Episode 3

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In this episode, we will explore the science and math around a candle. Nowadays, we don’t give much importance to the candle as we all have electricity in our homes. But so many concepts, starting from gravitational force to the chemical reactions between atom-molecule, can be discussed with candles. The session is motivated by the Christmas Lecture of Michael Faraday given in 1848 and known as "The Chemical History of a Candle”.

The session discusses what really burns in the candle, how does the fuel reaches the top of the wick, shape, color, and the shadow of the flame, products of the chemical reaction, and 6 trillion candles are burning inside us!!

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Topics Covered : Life Story of Michael Faraday, Types of Burning, Necessary conditions for Burning, Chemical Reactions in Burning, Fuel of a Candle, Capillary Action, Relationship of Height and Radius in Capillary Action, Shape of the Candle Flame, Role of Gravity, Convection of Heat, Shadow of the Flame, Estimation of Volume, Measurement, Ideal Gas Law, Weight of the Air, Molecular Weight, Oxidation, Relationship of Temperature and Volume, Electrolysis, Comparing Carbon Dioxide and Oxygen, Respiration, Products of Burning, ADP-ATP cycles, DC Motor, Paraffin Wax - Chemical Formula, Percentage, Electromagnetism, States of Matter, Vapour and Gas

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