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Mysteries of Cricket  | क्रिकेट पे चर्चा  | 3030 STEM Season 02 Episode 1

In this episode, we will explore the fascinating history of cricket, and learn about the science and maths involved in batting, bowling and fielding. The collision of a bat and ball, hitting sixes and canon shots, throwing swing balls, and doing trigonometry in an instant in your head as your run to catch a ball... Far from being a distraction from studies, every aspect of cricket is filled with amazing science and math.

You will certainly enjoy cricket more after learning the magic of nature that happens behind it as you play it every day, and will probably also love science and maths more as you begin to observe it on the playground. As a bonus, you will also learn how to make a simple model of a ball that you can swing yourself and be a master swing bowler in your gully cricket matches!

A medley of Music, Mathematics and Science

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Science of swing bowling

Baloo Palwankar history

Topics Covered : Parabola, force, impulse, acceleration, angle for maximum range of projectile, stratosphere, collision, sweet spot, standing waves, fundamental node, second mode, node, antinode, tan, elevation, swing bowling, conventional swing, reverse swing, contrast swing, aerodynamics, boundary layer, laminar flow, turbulent flow, pressure, gyroscope

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Which catch is easier?

Try this interactive model to understand which catch is easier.


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