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Computational Thinking | कम्प्यूटर की गणित | 3030 STEM Episode 5

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Tweet with #3030STEM on Twitter (or on Facebook) to ask your questions.

Topics Covered :  Encryption of Message, Old days Encryption Message System, Decoding, Why 2nd World War finished 2 year early, Reason behind Germany’s winning stage in 2nd World War, How Germany defeated in 2nd World War, Prime Numbers, Computer is now everywhere, Why, How and in which language Computer works, Chip and Microcontroller, Sine Wave, Sine Wave Car, Language of Computers is “0” and “1”, Binary Counting, Exponents, Power of Exponents, Hack and Hacking, Binary Card Sorting, Punched Cards, Long Division, Division, Multiplication, Addition, Subtraction.

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Card Sorting Activity (Ternary)

Card Sorting Activity (Ternary)

GeoGebra Model: Spiral (90 degree) A-Series

Paper Enigma Model: Read more

GeoGebra Model: Spiral (any angle) A-Series

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Singh S. The code book. New York: Doubleday; 1999.
Punched Cards for Computer
Encryption in History: Scytale 


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