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The Science of Stars, Earth and Moon | धरती पर दिन रात की चर्चा | 3030 STEM Episode 4

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Topics Covered : Circumference of Earth, Eratosthenes calculated the Earth's circumference, Radius and Diameter of Earth, Speed of light, Sun rise, 20th September and 20th March, Equal duration of day and night, Equator, Seasons, Reasons of Changing Seasons on Earth, Why do we have Seasons?, Orbit, Shape of Orbit, Ellipse, Circle, Tilting of Earth is 23.50, Tilting of Earth in same direction, Distance of Sun from Earth, Northern Hemisphere, Southern Hemisphere, Eccentricity, Orbit of Earth is 98.4% Circle and 1.6% Ellipse, Revolution of Earth around the Sun, Leap Year, Time taken by Earth to revolve around the Sun, Why do we have day and night on Earth, Rotation of Earth, Spinning of Earth, Day and Night on Moon, Revolution of Moon around the Earth, Synchronous Rotation of Moon around the Earth, Foucault's Pendulum, Coriolis Force, Speed of Earth to Revolve around the Sun, Speed of Rotation of Earth on its own axis, Rotation of Solar System in Galaxy, Rotation of Galaxies, Direction of rotation and revolution of Earth is anticlockwise, Solar Day, Sidereal Day, Solar Eclipse, Lunar Eclipse, Tilt of plane of the orbit of Moon, Comparison of masses or sizes of all planets of our solar System.

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