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3030 STEM is sponsored by Vigyan Prasar, Department of Science and Technology. We could bring this program to you due to the generous support from VP and DST.

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In line with NEP 2020 (New Education Policy), CBSE is launching 30-30 STEM, an online program focusing on basic conceptual understanding and critical thinking of Math/Science. The aim of the program is to Unlock the hidden mysteries, beauty and magic of Science/Math that is all around us and the content will be interesting for all Teachers, Parents and Students of all discipline and of any age.

The program will consist of 30, 1-hour online sessions on Sundays, bringing out the joy and inherent beauty in the curriculum. The first session was broadcast on 16th August (4 to 5 PM), first Sunday after Independence Day. Revised Schedule: New sessions of season 2 will be broadcast each Sunday 4 pm to 5 pm, starting 31st January 2021.

Language, Books and Education | मन की बात

3030 STEM Season 02 Episode 13 , Sunday, 25th April 2021, 4 - 5 PM (Final Episode)


The course is open and free for all. You can register for the course here:

For certification, please go here:

For teachers of schools affiliated to CBSE:

For teachers of schools affiliated to State/other Boards: 


The Center for Creative Learning, Indian Institute of Technology, Gandhinagar in collaboration with Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Pune


  • Making Science/Math Engaging and Inspiring, focus on conceptual understanding 
  • How to Effectively teach Online using Hands-on Activities and stories 
  • Unlock the Beauty and Mystery of Math/Science all around us


Frequently asked questions

  • I have joined the course late. Can I still register for the course?
    Yes. You can register for the course here: Watch all the previous sessions and submit the homework (link given in the video description).  
    For certification, please go here:     
              For teachers of schools affiliated to CBSE:
              For teachers of schools affiliated to State/other Boards:
  • I’m not able to enroll/pay on the CBSE portal. What should I do?
    Write an Email on for any query related to the CBSE portal.
  • How much is the fee for the course?
    The course is completely free and open for all to attend online on YouTube Live and submit Homework. 
  • Will I get a Certificate for this course?
    Yes. Certification requires watching all the episodes and submit all the homework. Participants will be certified at the end of the course (after 30 weeks). For certification, there is a fee of Rs 100. You need to enroll in the C.B.S.E. portal (link mentioned below) and pay the 100/- fees for the entire course.

         For teachers of schools affiliated to CBSE: 

         For teachers of schools affiliated to State/other Boards:
  •  How to mark attendance during the session?
    All teachers are requested to attend the live session every Sunday and submit the homework problems. Submission of homework will be used to mark attendance.
  • How can I submit the homework? What will be the deadline?
    Link for homework problems can be found in the description of each session. Participants can submit their homework by giving answers in the Google Form. The homework problems need to be submitted within the two-week* duration after published.

    *For the previous session, many participants are yet to submit the homework. Hence, we request all the interested participants to submit the homework as it’s mandatory to receive a course certificate.  
  • How can I give the feedback for the session ?
    You can share it with various platforms i.e. by commenting on the YouTube episode, Facebook CCL page ( ). You can also write an Email to us
  • How do I attend the live sessions?
    The 3030 STEM season 1 and Season 2 are concluded. All the sessions can still be viewed on IITGN CCL YouTube Channel –

Please subscribe to the channel to receive the notification whenever we go live.

Please also share the link of the CCL IITGN channel with other teachers and students in your network. The whole idea of the program is to reach out to as many learners as possible.

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