August 16, 2018

Foundation Program@ IITGN

190 students participated in the two days making fiesta. The batch was divided into a group of 90. 90 members were subdivided into group of 3 members leading to 30 groups in total. 10 groups made a robotic arm which can perform aarti 10 groups made the sine wave car and a robotic frog.

The remaining 10 groups made the hydraulic arm. The participants were given a semi-finished working model which was circulated among groups. The task was to recreate the model with minimum instruction. Many groups were successfully able to improvise on their design leading to variation in the final prototype. Consider for example of the hydraulic arm. The conventional arm design show in the market as an educational tool has a design flaw as it doesn’t really mimic the real-life JCB. There is no mechanical advantage involved in working of the arm. We exploited this opportunity to give children the challenge to come up with their own unique design using one-way valves and syringe which mimics the real-life JCB. It was amazing to see so many different kinds of solutions. The same was the case with aarti performing robotic arm. After completing, the model the children were given the task to understand the code and write letters on the floor by making changes in the base code. Overall, the hands-on engineering experience was something which the children are going to cherish which is evident from the feedback we received.

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