January 3, 2018

AMC Children Visit to IITGn- 3rd Jan 2018

Today 100 children from the following schools visited IIT Gandhinagar

  • Amraiwadi Guj School No 16
  • Amraiwadi Guj School No 4
  • Amraiwadi Hindi School No 1
  • Amraiwadi Hindi School No 7

The children had immense fun getting engaged in doing Hands-on activities. They enjoyed making various paper caps, playing with tangram, making a simple paper copter along with doing other activities. The interesting thing about today session was 2 children already knew how to make paper caps. So we asked them to facilitate the session for their peers. They had awesome time explaining the making in Gujrati. After the session, we had a visit to IITGn library and a brief glance at the serene Sabarmati river. Hope this experience will be meaningful to the children. 

Glimpses of the session:

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