December 8, 2017

Science for Monks | TinkerSpace Mundgod

Neeraj Sharma from CLI, has a wonderful visit to Gaden Jangtse Science Center in Mundgod(Goa). He spent 5 days with the Science for Monks team to together set up a full-fledged science center which now has 35 exhibits. The beauty of this space was that everything was made using local materials and tools. This overcomes the fear from the mind of the children and teachers to play with the exhibit because he/she know that if it gets broken, it can be repaired locally and at affordable cost. This in turn invites one to tinker and the real process of learning starts! One of the interesting observation was when a child od standard 3rd solved the stack it up puzzle within just 15 min and everyone was amazed! Have a look at the glimpses of this amazing experience here …

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