November 29, 2017

Printing a concrete !

#ProjectSpark IIT Gandhinagar
Today 75 children from AMC Schools (Amaraivadi School No 1,5,11 ) visited IITGn . The session kick-started with design thinking session where participants got the challenge to design a purse for their fellow partners. This exercise helped children to appreciate the importance of empathizing with the end user while designing any solution. This was followed by an introduction session on Arduino microprocessor.
The best part of the day was when the children got chance to see the civil engineering lab and amazing work Shashank is doing!
He is a doing Ph.D. in civil engineering here. He is building a 3D printer that prints concrete! He shared children about his project followed by taking them to the lab to show its working! Children were amazed and inspired seeing the hard work, patience and creativity that went behind the creation of the prototype. It was truly eye-opening for the children and many thereafter expressed their interest that they too want to study here. Experiences like these make our day. Thanks Shashank for rekindling the spark which is within each one of us!
Here are more glimpses of today’s session:

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