November 16, 2017

1100+ children, 5 schools, 2 locations, 1 day

#ProjectSpark 1100+ children, 5 schools, 2 locations, 1 day #AMC#CLI_IITGN
This is what Project Spark is all about! To ignite the spark and bring back gleam in the eyes of every child.
After the session, a child came up and said “Wonderful demonstration!” another was curious to know how the touching Velcro slate was made, many wanted extra straws to make their own basuri!
One child who was sitting in front row, came up and told “Bhaiya, mujhe bhi newspaper cap banana aata hai” He even added that he knows how to even make camera and projector.
The warmth, joy, and exuberance which you experience while being around with them is something which can’t be put down in words.
Children naturally want to pull things apart, see the inner working, re-work according to their own whim and imagination. Sometimes, all we need to do is to stand back, give them the space to be themselves and learn to help them only when they ask for.

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