November 14, 2017

Happy Children’s Day!

What is more joyous and fulfilling than to celebrate Children’s Day with 700+ children from 4 AMC schools (Saraspur Gujarat School No 3,7,13,6) and share the joy of making? The entire space was full of excitement when we shared various low-cost toys which can be used to learn science and mathematics in the bargain. These visits are part of Project Spark, a joint initiative of CLI IITGn & AMC to ignite young minds!

We must remember that children are natural explorers. We must strive to create an environment where their agency is respected and valued.
Let the Child Act
The child likes to do things.
Let her wash his own hanky,
Let him fill her own cup,
Let her arrange the flowers,
Let him clean the plate,
Let him pod the peas,
Let him serve the food,
Let the child act,
And act at her own pace,
And act on his own wish.

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