Printing a concrete !

#ProjectSpark IIT Gandhinagar
Today 75 children from AMC Schools (Amaraivadi School No 1,5,11 ) visited IITGn . The session kick-started with design thinking session where participants got the challenge to design a purse for their fellow partners. This exercise helped children to appreciate the importance of empathizing with the end user while designing any solution. This was followed by an introduction session on Arduino microprocessor.
The best part of the day was when the children got chance to see the civil engineering lab and amazing work Shashank is doing!
He is a doing Ph.D. in civil engineering here. He is building a 3D printer that prints concrete! He shared children about his project followed by taking them to the lab to show its working! Children were amazed and inspired seeing the hard work, patience and creativity that went behind the creation of the prototype. It was truly eye-opening for the children and many thereafter expressed their interest that they too want to study here. Experiences like these make our day. Thanks Shashank for rekindling the spark which is within each one of us!
Here are more glimpses of today’s session:

1100+ children, 5 schools, 2 locations, 1 day

#ProjectSpark 1100+ children, 5 schools, 2 locations, 1 day #AMC#CLI_IITGN
This is what Project Spark is all about! To ignite the spark and bring back gleam in the eyes of every child.
After the session, a child came up and said “Wonderful demonstration!” another was curious to know how the touching Velcro slate was made, many wanted extra straws to make their own basuri!
One child who was sitting in front row, came up and told “Bhaiya, mujhe bhi newspaper cap banana aata hai” He even added that he knows how to even make camera and projector.
The warmth, joy, and exuberance which you experience while being around with them is something which can’t be put down in words.
Children naturally want to pull things apart, see the inner working, re-work according to their own whim and imagination. Sometimes, all we need to do is to stand back, give them the space to be themselves and learn to help them only when they ask for.

Happy Children’s Day!

What is more joyous and fulfilling than to celebrate Children’s Day with 700+ children from 4 AMC schools (Saraspur Gujarat School No 3,7,13,6) and share the joy of making? The entire space was full of excitement when we shared various low-cost toys which can be used to learn science and mathematics in the bargain. These visits are part of Project Spark, a joint initiative of CLI IITGn & AMC to ignite young minds!

We must remember that children are natural explorers. We must strive to create an environment where their agency is respected and valued.
Let the Child Act
The child likes to do things.
Let her wash his own hanky,
Let him fill her own cup,
Let her arrange the flowers,
Let him clean the plate,
Let him pod the peas,
Let him serve the food,
Let the child act,
And act at her own pace,
And act on his own wish.